Hungarob Combination, new multi-pitch on Orabeskopf, Brandberg massif, Namibia

A German team of climbers comprised on Jörg Helfrich, Manuel Hofmann, Till Kramann and Alexander Stahl have put up Hungarob Combination (370m, 7c, 6c oblig) on the Orabeskopf, Brandberg massif, Namibia. Trip report by Manuel Hofmann.
“In September 2011 Jörg Helfrich, Alexander Stahl, Till Kramann and I travelled to Namibia to establish a new route up the Orabeskopf face. This is located in the southern part of the Brandberg massif and already has some other routes established by Majka Burhardt, Kate Rutherford and Peter Doucette in 2009.After the physically exhausting gear haul to basecamp beneath the face (1200 altitude difference, 35°C in the shade, 2 days, 2 intermediate camps), we stayed there for eleven days there.

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